ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 10.14: faster, better, more convenient

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 10.14 is an important update. This version switches to 64-bit code base, accelerating GPU-assisted attacks up to 30%, and adds support for all the newest iPhone and iPad models.

We are excited to announce Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 10.14, an update bringing significant enhancements and new features. This latest version offers several key updates to enhance performance, usability, and device support.

Windows edition upgraded to 64-bit code base with 30% faster password recovery

The Windows edition now operates on a 64-bit code base, enhancing the software's performance and enabling it to handle larger datasets with greater efficiency. We’ve been able to achieve a significant advance in GPU-accelerated password recovery, bringing up to a 30% increase in speed for GPU-assisted password recovery attacks on iOS backups. This optimization significantly reduces the time required to access protected data.

Added new Apple models and deprecated BlackBerry support

As part of our commitment to focus on the most widely used devices and platforms, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 10.14 now includes support for all the newest iPhone and iPad models, ensuring compatibility with the latest Apple devices and iOS updates. On the other hand, support for BlackBerry devices has been deprecated in this release.

Better handling of backup passwords

A new feature allows you to quickly test the validity of a backup password without decrypting the whole backup. In addition, the tool now offers the ability to check encrypted backups for passwords set by the most common forensic tools, allowing to quickly handle password-protected backups with those tools’ ‘default’ passwords.

User interface enhancements

We’ve implemented a number of changes in the UI department, delivering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience with various changes and improvements.

For more information and to download the latest version, visit our Web site. The update is free of charge to all customers who purchased or renewed their Elcomsoft Phone Breaker or Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle license within one year. Discounted renewal is available to customers whose maintenance plan has already expired.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 10.14 release notes:

  • Windows edition switched to 64-bit code base
  • Optimization: GPU-accelerated password recovery for iOS backups is now up to 30% faster
  • BlackBerry support is deprecated
  • Added support for all the latest iPhone and iPad models
  • UI changes and improvements
  • Added the ability to test a backup password
  • Encrypted backups can be checked for most common forensic passwords