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Windows Script is a comprehensive scripting infrastructure for the Microsoft Windows platform. Windows Script provides two script engines, Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Microsoft JScript, which can be embedded into Windows Applications. It also provides an extensive array of supporting technologies that makes it easier for script users to script Windows applications. For more information, see:




Script Encoder is a simple command-line tool that enables script designers to encode their final script so that Web hosts and Web clients cannot view or modify their source.  See:




Using PSPR, encrypted scripts can be decrypted back to plain source code.  The File list to decode window contains the names of the files to be decrypted. Initially, it is empty, but you can add files to it by pressing the Add file(s) to list button, or simply by searching the given disk or folder.  Select Files to scan (mask: *.vb*;*.js*;*.htm* by default), Directory to scan and (optionally) Look in subfolders option, then press Start scan.  When scanning is in progress, you can press Stop scan at any time.


Once the list contains one or more files, you can highlight the one you wish to decrypt, right-click and select Decode, or press the Decode all button at the bottom to decrypt all the files from the list. Files can be removed from the list by selecting the Remove from list popup menu item. Decrypted files are saved with another extension (set using Output file name option, *.DEC by default). Please also note the Replace existing file(s) option. If the scripts contain text in any language other than English, you may also need to set the proper Code page option (e.g., 1251 for Russian).

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