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Remote assistance

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Remote Assistance is a technology in Windows XP (and later versions) which enables Windows users to help each other over the Internet. With this tool, one user, called the "Expert," can view the desktop of another user, the "Novice." With the Novice's permission, the Expert can even share control of the Novice's computer to resolve issues remotely. For more information, see:


Overview of Remote Assistance in Windows XP



For all Remote Assistance "tickets" created on the local machine (even expired ones), PSPR shows:


l        Owner

l        Source

l        Destination

l        Expired


Unfortunately, passwords (if assigned) cannot be extracted instantly because strong encryption is used. However, you can run dictionary and bruteforce attacks to try to recover those passwords.


You may also need to select the proper Profiles folder (C:\Documents and Settings by default).

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