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Explore information stored in offline and cloud backups produced by iOS (up to iOS 13), BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8/8.1, as well as data from Microsoft accounts. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer (EPV) enables access to contacts, messages, call logs, notes, media, and calendar data located in mobile backups, and displays essential information about the device such as model name, serial number, date of last backup etc.


Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is designed to be an entry-level tool for analyzing information contained in mobile backups. With Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can explore the content of iCloud and iTunes backups produced by all iOS devices including all versions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, including backups retrieved from the cloud with Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. iOS implements a special algorithm when deleting SMS and iMessages, which allows Elcomsoft Phone Viewer to recover and display deleted messages.


In addition to iOS, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer allows viewing BlackBerry 10 backups produced with BlackBerry Link, as well as Microsoft account data downloaded with Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.


Elcomsoft Phone Viewer supports encrypted and unencrypted iOS backups. If you have an encrypted or password-protected BlackBerry backup, you will have to process it with Elcomsoft Phone Breaker to remove protection. The tool is completely stand-alone and does not use any part of Apple iTunes or BlackBerry Link.

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