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If you forgot your password to email account (POP3/SMTP/IMAP) or FTP connection but the password is saved in your mail/FTP client, PSPR is able to get it. Here are the steps to perform:


Run your email or FTP client
Open account/connection properties in the client
Remember current server address (like mail.mydomain.com, pop3.mydomain.com, ftp.mydomain.com etc)
In PSPR, select POP3, IMAP, SMTP or FTP emulation; the port number will be automatically updated in Server port field, but you may have to change it manually if it is different from the default
In Server address field, put the proper server address (without prefix) as you got it from the client
Press Start button
Send/receive mail (in the client) for your account, or connect to the FTP
Go back to PSPR and look at login/password there


This method works for regular authentication only, when the plaintext password is being transferred. In other cases (e.g. if CRAM-MD5, NTLM or aother authentication is being used) the password is not passed to the server at all, and so it cannot be captured.

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